img Adding Pages to a Website
When multiple sites ar coupled along, the pages become together called an internet site.
img Multiple Essay 64 Topics Essay
1. Corruption 2. Smuggling 3. Un-Employment 4. Inflation 5. Dearness 6. Drug-Trading 7. Terrorism 8. Over population 9. Mass Illiteracy 10. Drug Addiction 11. Sectarianism 12. Social Evils
imgProper typing position
1.home fingers on asdf and jkl; 2. correct posture 3. Not looking at the keyboard 4. words per minute :22
imgproblem solving flow chart
problem solving flow chart
imgExcel use product formula
Excel use product formula this mean cross 5x10=answer x15 this is very easy
imgNot sure If she very mature
Not sure If she very mature or i am very immature
imgTeach yourself
ut can be a career learn everything you can about how computer work learn to code learn math
imgEspecially in this weather use mobile
When Especially in this weather use mobile working hard but mobile lovers solve this problem.

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