imggalaxy iote
i heva a note i heva an ipad i heva npte-pad
img a few pointers?
man i suck atthis game can you give me a few pointers?
imgimpress you.
dont like i dont wake up every day to impress you.
imgsee search engine marketing consultant
seo search engine optimization techniques
img whole class
whole class is reading the same thing silng silently turn page loudly so everyone knows you re. ahead
imgWhich age are you living in right now stone age
Which age are you living in right now stone age, bronze age , iron age , dark age , modern age , computer age.
imgWhat is processing?
This is the part of the computer that controls the machine Cycle. It is takes numerous cycles to do even a simple addition of two numbers.
imgRelationship status should have
Relationship status should have a new category -
imgAutocad Commands
You can also use oops after block or WBLOCK becayse these commands can erase the selected objects.

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