imgExcel If function use
Excel If function use a1 have some entry you make a formula line if a2=10 than type 100 if not than type 200
imgExcel Trend formula
Excel Trend formula this is not simple if you check your next month Business groth trend than you apply this
imgbill gates
billgates toldhis university proessors thathe would become a millionare by a ge 30 at age 31
img How To Delete Blank Rows In excel
How To Delete Blank Rows in excel mostly people in bank office face blank row issue this code is easy to delete blank row.
imgif you are not willing
if you are not willing to learn no one can help if you are detemimed to leam no one can stop you
img what password should use?
x password too short error try again and x password its too easy error try again
imgall over my face
can not i play one role without shit all over my face
imgskype error
right click the skype icon in the windows taskbar at the bottom right of your screen and choose quit.
imgExcel very hit formula pass and fail
Excel very hit formula pass and fail 99% excel user understand this formula easily we explain one side name and other number if b2 grater to 33 than pass other fail

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