imgWhen Programmers Marry out of Their Profession
to see if the internet is working why how do you check ?
imgHow to creating a password
the password must be more than 8 characters, the password must contin 1 numerical character
imgExcel formula freewebtric Average , Variance , Std.Deviation
Excel formula freewebtric this is very easy Average , Variance , Std.Deviation
imgExcel Choose formula
Excel Choose formula this is very simple Choose number and type in words if A1 any word match than write in words 2 number and match two word
programming for high-resolution displays in
img Customizing Colors and Fonts
Colors in CSS need a special coded format known as positional notation. we are going to 1st find out about positional notation numbers so
imgWhich age are you living in right now stone age
Which age are you living in right now stone age, bronze age , iron age , dark age , modern age , computer age.
imgexcel IF OR Average formula
excel IF OR Average formula this is complex formula but interesting more help please see back number formula
img i like
i like smelling new books

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